Window washing at height

External window cleaning in Lithuania and EU countries

One of the main directions in the work of industrial alpinists is window washing at height. A distinctive feature of this method is absence of the need in access for the washer into the room; the process takes place outside. Window washing by alpinists is one of the most popular services in the field of high-rise works.

High-rise cleaning by alpinists is especially suitable for buildings, where there is no possibility to open the windows, as well as for washing of hard to reach windows.

The price of window cleaning is based on such factors as difficulty of access, structural characteristics of the roof and facade, as well as the level of contamination of the glass surface.

We provide exterior cleaning services at height:

  • Window washing after construction
  • Seasonal window cleaning
  • Washing of windows with especially difficult access
  • Cleaning of glass located at height
  • Commercial and residential window cleaning

Professional window cleaning

For maximum efficiency of rope access window washing, we use professional equipment and cleaning products, which help to achieve perfect cleanliness of the glass surface. Specialized climbing equipment and experience in high-rise works allow our specialists to perform building window washing at height completely safe.

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