Facade washing

Exterior cleaning in Lithuania and EU countries

Facade cleaning by the method of rope access is one of the key services in the area of high-rise cleaning.

Our company specializes in washing and cleaning of building facades in Lithuania and the EU by industrial alpinists. Seasonal facade washing usually takes place in spring, summer and autumn.

Using of alpinists’ services unquestionable advantages are:

  • Safe and qualitative exterior washing
  • Cleaning in the most difficult areas
  • Using specialized equipment and professional instrument.

Several methods of washing and cleaning facades and windows are used in practice.

The technology of cleaning of the surface is selected based on:

  • The degree and character of building contamination
  • Materials of facade finishing
  • Features of building construction.

We provide commercial facade cleaning services to:

  • Business centers
  • Administrative buildings
  • Shopping and entertainment centers
  • Sport objects
  • Hotels
  • Offices of big companies.

We perform a selective washing of a small area free of charge to demonstrate the quality of the provided services in cleaning of buildings. The composition of contamination and materials of facade finish are different. Thus, it should be professional approach to facade washing.

Washing after construction

Our team manages their job excellent with the facade washing after construction.

At the end of the construction, the facade of the building is hardly contaminated by remains of building materials. Therefore, the essential condition of turnover is cleaning after construction. Our team manages their job excellent of facade washing after construction, using long experience and specialized equipment.

Building pressure washing

Facades without solid glazing are easier to clean with the high-pressure machine. External facade washing using the machine is much faster, than hand wash. Thus, it is more cost-effective for client.

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