Dust cleaning at height

Dust cleaning at height and dirt of hard-to-reach places such as metal trusses, lights, spotlights, supporting structures, ceiling beams, engineer communications, ceilings and walls are the tasks of industrial alpinists. Normally, dust cleaning at height is a necessary procedure for fabrication departments, shopping centers, sport complexes and other rooms with a lot of space.

Dust on constructions and surfaces with difficult access becomes a problem for a factory. Depending on the field of the factory, dust concentrations can be toxic and dangerous, and also negatively effect on the health of personnel.

Performing works on de-dusting industrial alpinists use specialized vacuum cleaners, having enough power and at the same time compact dimensions. Places, which are impossible to get with vacuum cleaner are treated through brushes and a compressor.

Dust cleaning by industrial alpinists

Dust cleaning by industrial alpinists performs in fabrication departments. Shopping centers, sport constructions, cultural and recreational facilities, stadiums – almost all of these structures have constructions located at height  and cleaning of these objects from dust and contaminations is made only with the technology of rope access.

The value of works  on dust removal from structures is determined by some factors – floor space, composition and amount of dust and dirt, difficulty of access. We work in Lithuania and the EU.

Call, industrial alpinists of our company are able to handle any task in the field of dust removal and surface cleaning!