Cleaning of fabrication departments

Cleaning of industrial objects

At any factory sooner or later the demand for professional cleaning of industrial objects, known as industrial cleaning, becomes relevant.

Normally, most of the fabrication department cleaning is directly linked with work at height in constrained conditions. Accordingly, for cleaning of industrial objects services of alpinists are very popular.

Industrial cleaning includes not only works at heights, but competent selection of chemical reagents and method of cleaning is extremely important. Often the formula of chemical reagent for cleaning of fabrication department selects for each object individually, based on the specifics of contamination and features of manufacturing establishment. The tightness of the conditions in cleaning of factories is due to equipment, servicing staff and communications.

The most popular types of works in the cleaning of fabrication departments by industrial alpinists are:

  • De-dusting of beams, trusses, walls, columns and ceilings;
  • Cleaning of metal constructions and ferroconcrete structures;
  • Cleaning of anti-aircraft and light-aeration lamps;
  • Cleaning of safety nets;
  • Cleaning of silos, bunkers and reservoirs;
  • Cleaning of metal surfaces;
  • Washing of equipment difficult access;
  • Cleaning of outer surfaces of ventilation, air ducts, ducts;
  • Washing of facades of manufacturing enterprises;
  • Cleaning of stained glass, glazing and windows of fabrication department.

Our specialists have large experience in cleaning of industrial objects of different levels of complexity.